• 1 All kind of items for gardens. Decorative pieces, columns, statues, gates, gazebos etc
  • 2 Elegance and warmth atmosphere at home is our priority.
  • 3 Antique furniture and certified valuables take us back in time.
  • 4 Innovative spirit, furniture and imported items is what makes us unique.
  • 5 We carry out proyects providing creative solutions.
  • 6 We have antique furniture and valuable duly certified that transport us back in time.
  • 7 We carry out projects and interior decoration, creative solutions for every success in your choice.


El Brocante advises you on interior and exterior decoration.

We carry out proyects providing creative solutions with all kind of elegant details that makes your home different and cosy.

C/ Álora 14, Polígono Azucarera - Málaga - Tlf. 656 866 722